Return of the Cosmic Goddess (Separate_Version)

by Spirited



Spirited's 3rd and final Global Release for the year of 2013 and the First Global Release for 2014
"Return of the Cosmic Goddess" featuring our very own The Spiritual Catalyst AKA Teal Scott.

♫ . ♫. ♫ .
"Return of the Cosmic Goddess" is a new age Symphony, an OBDE (Out of body Dance Experience), the future of music where an musical piece can never be fitted into one particular genera, it's an orchestra of naturally synchronised samples made from recordings all around the globe; both natural and man made elements, capturing essence of pure acoustic & electronic roots & vibrations mixed with lively recored eastern & western percussions, including all instruments tuned into 528hz and above healing frequencies, to cleanse your mind body & spirit.

Inspiring vocal wisdom lines from Teal Scott will be guiding the vibrations through out the whole 77 minute experience, ending with a 12 minute 3rd eye opening meditational guide.

There is more to the album than a mixture of great vibrations, it's an statement from 4 individual artists ( Teal Scott: The Spiritual Catalyst Fan Page, Misha Whirlwind, Anna Marlena, Gihan Dilruksh Mackay) from 3 different countries (USA, Sri Lanka & Austria), from 4 different backgrounds.

It's a statement to the world which reflects that separation is merely illusion, and that true artists see no boundaries, they see no separation, they only see each other in themselves.

[50 % of the proceeds will go to Teal Scott to support her vision for this world]

We are all extensions of source energy, we are all born healers, we all can be healed, existence is a celebration.

♫ █ ▄ █ ▄ Welcome to the sound of human evolution, the beginning of the super human race ▄ █ ▄ █ ♫

♫ █ ▄ █ ▄ FULL 10 TRACK ALBUM ▄ █ ▄ █ ♫

This version includes 10 separate tracks of the same full album but a slightly diffrent approach to the musical arrangements, each and every track is broken down into separate themes, emotions with in the same concept which are highlighted through the track titles. 

24bit High Res wav
320 High Res Mp3

Love ^ Light to All

Psychedelic Live Act


released January 1, 2014

Misha Whirlwind
Conceptualiser, Composer & Executive Producer

Anna Marlena
Creative Director, Cover Illustrator & Co-Producer

Gihan Dilruksh Mackay
Art Director, Cover Illustrator & Co-Producer

Teal Scott
Inspiring vocal Attributes

Spirited Records
Official Album Label & Digital Distribution

Spirited Sounds
Official Album Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studios

Our special gratitude to brother Blake Dyer & Bonnie Fiona Haskin for their upmost support & love.

Love ^ Light to All




Spirited Colombo, Sri Lanka

Spirited is a multi-cultural artistic synthesis, an extraordinary Live Act, created through the union of three multi- talented artists, specialized in creating consciousness-expanding organic music that triggers an orchestra of emotions while taking your mind on a psychedelic journey. The music is entirely self-created and cannot be verified by any genre of electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: Spirited Ft Teal Scott - OBE (Out of Body Experience)
"Out from the darkness into the light,
The sun is shining bright straight in my eyes
Million miles behind me, light years no mind,
I'm a traveller of the space and I have no time"

"I'm a ranger have a mission in mind,
Gonna land on that moon and smoke my peace pipe,
I'm a ranger I have no time,
I'm tripping on the stars with my peace pipe"

Peace Pipe...

I'm tripping tripping,
oh I'm tripping tripping, oh no I'm tripping tripping
oh I'm tripping tripping…