Channeling Lyra

by Spirited™ ft Victoria Vives



Channeling Lyra is the fist collaboration project between Spirited™ and Victoria Vives. Sacred sound has been designed and conceptualized by Misha Whirlwind

A channel guide to the 11th dimensional energy of the constellation Lyra in all solfeggio 285Hz-528Hz-825Hz frequencies along with the soulful angelic vocal attributes from Victoria Vives.

Love ^ Light ...

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Love ^ Light to All


released May 16, 2015




Spirited Colombo, Sri Lanka

Spirited is a multi-cultural artistic synthesis, an extraordinary Live Act, created through the union of three multi- talented artists, specialized in creating consciousness-expanding organic music that triggers an orchestra of emotions while taking your mind on a psychedelic journey. The music is entirely self-created and cannot be verified by any genre of electronic music. ... more

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